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13 Aug 2018 - 3:00pm
The Saving our Species (SoS) Contestable Grants Program is now open for applications for projects seeking to achieve long-term outcomes for threatened species in NSW.
Funded by the Office of Environment and Heritage and the NSW Environmental Trust, the program encourages partnerships between government, the community, non-government organisations and industry to protect and conserve our most vulnerable plants and animals.
Aim of the program
The program is focused on supporting projects that will contribute to securing threatened landscape-managed species and threatened ecological communities in the wild. Grant recipients will implement on-ground actions and monitoring actions consistent with threatened species conservation projects developed by the SoS program or, where conservation projects have not been developed, that meet the objectives of the SoS program.
The objectives of then SoS Contestable Grants Program are:
  • maximising the number of threatened landscape-managed species and threatened ecological communities secured in the wild in NSW through strategic investment
  • forming long-term partnerships for threatened species conservation
  • supporting cost-effective investment and responding to effective monitoring, evaluation and reporting.
The SoS Contestable Grants program aligns with the NSW Government's SoS Program and framework which was launched in December 2013. For more information please visit the Saving our Species webpage.
The $9 million program will include one round of competitive grants to support a number of 7-year projects. Grants of up to $350,000 each will be available over the first 4.5 years of the 7-year projects.
The grant program has been designed to see the program and the applicant resource the first 4.5 years of the project, with the remaining 2.5 years resourced solely by the applicant. The funding model assumes that for most conservation projects higher costs occur upfront in the first few years, with fewer resources needed when the project transitions to a maintenance phase.
At least 10% of the project value must be quarantined for monitoring.
Application forms, guides and all details are available on the website.
For further information, please contact the Environmental Trust:
Phone: 02 8837 6093