Australian Bird Photographer of the Year

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6 Aug 2018 - 2:00am
Endlessly fascinating, enchantingly beautiful, and the epitome of nature at its finest, birds make the best photo subjects. Now, with the launch of BirdLife Australia and BirdLife Photography’s 2018 Australian Bird Photographer of the Year award, we are looking for the people who can best encapsulate our dazzling and unique avian life.
There are generous cash prizes up for grabs across seven categories:
  • Bird Portrait
  • Bird Behaviour
  • Human Impact
  • Birds in the Landscape
  • Fine Art
  • Youth
  • And a special theme - Black-Cockatoos

It is hoped the competition will highlight the need to improve conservation outcomes for Australia’s bird species, encourage wider interest in all Australian birds and showcase the beauty of our exceptional wildlife.

More information available here.