Australian Ethical Community Grants 2018

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6 Jun 2018 (All day)
The Australian Ethical Community Grants 2018 are now open for applications.
Australian Ethical distribute up to 10% of their yearly after-tax profits (before deducting bonus and grant expense) to charitable organisations and social impact initiatives, through the Australian Ethical Foundation. The Community Grants program provides financial support to not-for-profit organisations that contribute to humanitarian, environmental and animal welfare efforts in Australia and abroad.
There are many opportunities for Landcare projects under this program, covering topics such as:
  • Increased protection of biodiversity, including flora and fauna
  • Increased appreciation of cultural heritage and/or application of Indigenous biological knowledge
  • Reduced environmental damage including protecting, preserving, rehabilitating, and educating the community about the natural environment
  • Public policy changes and advocacy initiatives to better protect and support the environment.
  • Greater sustainability of populations of threatened and endangered animal species

Grants are for $10,000 or $20,000 and projects should ideally be completed in one year.

Who can apply?
We offer grants to not-for-profit social enterprises and organisations and registered charities based in Australia. Organisations working for a charitable purpose for the benefit of people, the planet and/or animals in Australia, or internationally, are encouraged to apply. New, emerging or small not-for-profit groups are eligible to apply as long as they have an Australian Business Number (ABN), documentation that supports it’s not for profit status and an Australian bank account.
How much are the grants?
Australian Ethical grants are for $10,000 and $20,000. Our preference is for the grant money to be spent within one year of receipt.
What we will fund
We ensure funding represents a fair spread across rural and metropolitan Australia, as well as abroad. We will fund small capital items and specific project costs with clear outcomes. We will also fund staff wages for a specific role supported through the grant. We won’t fund core expenses (e.g. rent, insurance, admin, and general business operations), retrospective funding (support for activities that have already taken place), fundraising appeals (including general capital appeals), or funding direct to individuals.
Grants are a competitive process and applications that meet the assessment criteria are not guaranteed funding. Successful applicants may receive a percentage of the total sought, rather than the full amount.
Grants cover the 3 categories of:
  • People: Improving lives
  • Planet: Protecting the environment
  • Animals: Protecting and supporting animals

More informaiton

For all details and application forms, visit the website.