Small Environmental Grant Scheme

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The Wettenhall Environment Trust's Small Environmental Grant Scheme will provide support for people undertaking projects that will make a positive difference to the natural living environment, in land, sea or air, rural or urban.

      The Trust is looking for projects around:

      • flora and fauna conservation 
      • threatened mammal conservation

      Projects should involve any of the following:

      • monitoring, recording and sharing data
      • delivering community education
      • providing community capacity building (e.g. training)
      • research and science

      The Norman Wettenhall Foundation board of Trustees will score applications with a set of criteria in mind. These are the things that they will look for in a project:

      • clear aims – what is the overall goal of the project?
      • significance – why is the project needed? What makes it important and significant?
      • methodology – how will you achieve your aims: what methods will be used?
      • partnerships and collaboration – describe your intended partners and their roles
      • outcomes – what are the changes, benefits, learning or other effects that happen as a result of your work? How will your outcomes influence the natural living environment in the short and/or long term?
      • innovation – describe how you think your project is innovating or interesting
      • evaluation – how will you evaluate the success of your project, i.e. how will you know if your project has been successful in achieving its aims?
      • budget – is your budget realistic and appropriate?


      Further information is available from the following links:

      Application Process as a chart – these are the questions that will appear in the online application.

      Can you Apply – more details on eligibility. Please don’t waste your time filling in the EOI – see if you are eligible first.

      Frequently Asked Questions – your question might get answered here.

      Dates for applying – there are four rounds every year.

      Apply here – here is the online application form, which only appears live when a grant round is open.